Our “Why”

Founded in 2005, it was only appropriate to name the venture “Thrive.” The sole purpose of Thrive was to inspire and encourage others, and help them to thrive. This core principle motivates our team and our clients — that success is achieved when those around you thrive.

To thrive is to reject the status quo and pursue one’s God-given purpose. It is the application of our talents to enrich the lives of those around us.

Our beginnings

In the fall of 2005, there was a spark of an idea to create a local, community magazine for boomers and seniors. In April 2006, the first Lifestyles over 50 hit community centers, doctors’ offices, senior centers, churches, libraries, and other locations around the Lehigh Valley. The magazine was a hit with both readers and the businesses and organizations that serve seniors. As Lifestyles over 50 gained influence among faithful readers and businesses, the staff’s creative talents were sought by health and senior care organizations to assist them with strategy, marketing, and consultative services. Over time, Thrive Media developed into a marketing agency, boutique consultant, and publisher. All services center around Thrive’s intimate knowledge of the health- and senior-care industries, as well as their connection to the audience who benefits from their services.

Today, Thrive serves throughout the mid-Atlantic and New England states. Lifestyles over 50 has outgrown the Lehigh Valley, and the title has been licensed to independent publishers in different regions around Pennsylvania. The innovative business model provides ample opportunity for entrepreneurs who seek to invest in their communities using a proven business model to easily diversify revenue streams beyond traditional advertising sales.