Strategic Marketing

Thrive has worked with hundreds of clients on a variety of strategic marketing projects from health- and senior-care to technology and manufacturing companies — and everything in-between. In each case, Thrive applies its paradigm for excellence: intentional discovery, strategy, process-driven execution, and metrics-based results.


Through Lifestyles over 50, Thrive has had extensive contact with the non-medical home care industry. Since 2014, Thrive has conducted a benchmark study and performance metrics report for local Pennsylvania markets. The result is a comprehensive analysis of your local competitive landscape, providing home care agencies actionable data for strategic decision-making. For more information, visit

M & A

With the success of the non-medical home care benchmark studies, Thrive positioned itself firmly in the center of the home care market. Agencies come to Thrive for assistance with acquiring a home care agency or exiting the industry.