More than a magazine.

After a humble launch in 2006, it became apparent that Lifestyles over 50 was much more than a magazine — it was a community connector for individuals, caregivers, businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Lifestyles over 50 has become the clearinghouse for health- and senior-care information in the area. In an effort to serve other communities, in 2018, Lifestyles over 50 began to license its name, model, processes, and content, to independent publishers who are equally passionate about caring for older adults.

Our vision.

With the aging tidal wave of baby boomers, the need is increasing for information, resources, and Lifestyles over 50 in communities across North America. It is our moral responsibility to care for our elders, educate families and caregivers, and help offer affordable care.

Lifestyles over 50 has proven tools, systems, and content, to enable local organizations, businesses, and independent publishers to help those in their community. The Lifestyles over 50 model empowers others to publish and truly remain community-owned. Lifestyles over 50 seeks passionate individuals who truly desire to improve the lives of the seniors in their community. Our vision to spread the innovative business model is poised to fuel quick and sustainable growth through advertising revenues, lead generation, and tangential services in communities across North America.